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This beautifully coloured white with brown taches Jacobs sheep skin rug or throw measures 90 cm x 60 cm, in one pelt this deep pile rug is an exceptionally attractive rug that gives an original note to your home. Very warm & chic, this rug looks great on your settee, on your bed, beside the bed, beside the couch or just simply on a wooden chair, a rocker or armchair, whatever it will always look exceptional!


The skin has been cleaned & handled to provide a soft finish on the back in the natural shape of the animal. The long hairs are protected naturally by an oily substance known as lanolin which will protect the skin to a certain extent. Obviously such a product needs to be treated with care, the cleaning procedure is simple, however the best kind of treatment for such a product is care, moor care like on Dartmoor!

Jacobs white with taches sheepskin rug

  • It's important to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight because ultra violet rays  damage most natural products and colours. A sheepskin with patches of colour may lose some of their attractive patterns if overexposed.  Make sur you shake the rug upside down, vacuum gently, the best & kindest thing you can do of course is to avoid eating or drinking in proximity to the rug, or letting the dog or/and cat sleep on it!!! 

    For small spillages us a clean towel and sponge off with a damp cloth as soon as the accident occurs. Sheepskins do not like dampness so keep it in a dry place. 

    The rug can last a lifetime if looked after, so take care of this beautiful product & don't forget to thank our Jacobs sheep.



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